Wednesday, January 27, 2016


A prayer for the broken hearted, the weary, the grieving, and the scared.

In the midst of darkness, Lord you are always the light.  You always break in.  You illuminate the truth, cause the devil to flee, and bring hope.  Help us to look to you.  Help us to see even the tiniest pin-prick of your light in every situation.  You are sovereign.  You are truth.

In times of great sorrow, you weep with us, Lord.  You carry our burdens.  You feel them as though they are your own.  Because we are your own.  You weep with those who weep.  You mourn with those who mourn.  You ache with those who ache.  We are never alone in the enormity of it all.  You are with us.  Help us feel your closeness.  Help our hearts to stay soft and open.  Help us lean into you in our distress, for you alone are true comfort.

In times of trials you stand beside us, Lord.  You lead us, and your right hand upholds us.  When we lose our temper, scream words of hate in our anger, or stew in unforgiveness, you gently bring correction.  You whisper your words of truth, of humility, and bring our heart back into agreement with yours.  When injustices are committed against us, you are our defender, our voice, our justification.  Help us grow in meekness and humility.  Help us understand that in our silence we give you space to be loud.

When evil is done to us, you are never idle, Lord.  You always create something good out of the ashes.  You redeem the wrongs and bring beauty and life.  It may not look the way we want it to, it may take more time than we'd like, it may not feel like good in the moment, but you are faithful.  You are the creator of beauty, the author of life.  You will work all things for good for those who love you because your word is true.  You never lie.  And you have promised good for those who love you.  Not easiness.  Not prosperity.  Not riches or wealth.  But good.  Help us see and desire your good.

When everything feels like it is crashing down at our feet, help us rejoice, because we have the only treasure that matters.  We have you, and you are all we need.  You are our portion.  You are our reward.  Help us to praise you as our idols crumble and we are able to see, once again, that our hopes and our dreams and our lives are so much better when you are what we treasure.  Loosen our grasp on the things of this world that are keeping us from you, knowing that if you will be glorified through it, you can place the things we were gripping so tightly back into our hands.

Lord, no matter what happens, let us be able to say in all truth that it is well with our souls.  As long as you are with us, it is well.

Remake us into your image more and more.  Let love and compassion, long-suffering and grace, forgiveness and mercy flow out of these places of desperation and pain.  Replace all that is broken and dead within our hearts with more of you.

Be near to all who are bowed low.  Be our hope.  Be our strength.  Be our light.  Be our love.  Be our song.  Because you are enough.

You are enough.